Hey hello 🙂

This school is fucking with my social, love (I don’t even have that one) and any other life I have. I couldn’t write because I have so many things to do for school, because I usually decide to start working on them on the last day as I spent working on some other same-type-last-day assignments before. Here is my favourite outfit that, where I combined things I mostly bought in Slovenia. Have a look, buddy. 




I just bought this bag from some of my buddies on my online shop (http://mojbutik.si/milenna-11092), because I saw it two years ago in Montenegro and never forgot about it. I really like the snake pattern lately, i have no idea why…

The jumper, cardigan sweater kinda looking black and white things that I have over my top was bought in Zara. The sleeves only come until like elbows or so, but I love it! So comfy, so easy to combine with my clothes (typically monochrome and simple) and, whatever, I am just so in love with it. 


Blouse – Zara. Lovely.



Fishtail!!!! Doesn’t it look adorable? It is perfect for the second-day hair 🙂 Easy and lovely. 


Ray Ban glasses. They fit my face perfectly so I pretty much wear them all the time. 


I am leaving you with this picture. Feel free to comment below for any questions or anything else :))

Have a lovely end of Saturday and rest of the weekend!


Do what you love.

Love what you do. 




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