Serbo-Montenegrian girl, born in Slovenia, living in Germany, going to study where?

Heyheyheyhey 🙂 

Have been saying that I will start a blog, but I finally got my hands on it. So exciting. As you can see from a title, I am half Serbian, half Montenegrian, that was born in Slovenia. i lived in Slovenia until I was around 13. Then I moved to Germany. Currently I am still in Germany, going to my last year of high school. I still have couple of months to go, before I go away to study. I have no intentions to stay in Germany or even to go back to Slovenia (My soul was made to travel ;)). 


I made this blog to share my experiences and, share my views about fashion and all the tips and tricks that I know of, and beyond. I might not be the most fashionable woman on this planet, but I surely know what fashion is. It is something that allows you to express yourself, you feelings and whatever the heck you want without speaking. I think that is just fabulous :). 

What I really think will be interesting is the sorting and organisation of the days I have. For almost every day of the week I have some specific topic that I will talk about and post pictures. My grammar and my English might not be the best, but therefore there are my photos to speak for me. Speaking Slovenian, Serbian, English and a little bit of German, sometimes messes up my mind, so just ignore all the mistakes and understand the artist through the visual aspects :). 

I am really looking forward to making this blog and would also love to se some of your comments. 


Do what you love.

Love what you do.





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