Cheeky Wednesday

My outfit for today. It is Cheeky Wednesday!! 🙂 Image

The Skirt is from Mango. I am really in love with maxi skirts, they are so comfy and just gorgeous!!! I have two of the same kind, Mint green and baby pink. ImageThe swather is from Stradivarius. I bought it over Christmas holidays when I was in Slovenia. I really like it, because it is really soft 🙂



I really like editing pictures and working with photography. So it is very much likely that you will see a lot of photos looking different or strange 🙂




I really like this photos because it just so perfectly describes me in this world. On this photo it seems like I don’t fit into the environment at all! That’s me today. Yesterday. Always. I just like to be hyper, and artistic, and creative, colourful. Different! Myself!




I am leaving you with this photo. Have a great day. I hope you enjoyed 🙂


Do what you love.

Love what you do.




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